Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paci partners

time for bed boys

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Well, we're back on the grid thanks to Beth and my sweet baby Isaac - whose first year I'm skimming through.  This year we did a costume trial run at Boo at the Zoo  . . .
 Eli could not get "scary monster" off the brain - so that is what he is!  This week in particular his costume was very appropriate.  Chalk it up to terrible two but that boy has been VERY scary!
 Analise wavered between a fairy, kitty, ladybug - and at one point was all three at once and finally settled on a fairy from the Nutcracker.
 "Num, num, you look like a tasty treat!"
 My kissy kissy lion I could just eat you up!

 The next day - chez Mueller . . .
 He's the monster from Where the Wild Things are - wow, enough said.

 raking leaves this fall . . .

 our work really only ended up as big jumping pile.  No real leaf collection happened.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

heading to Paris!!!

Ha, ha, just kidding.  This is for you Beth . . .
Who ARE these babies???  Mine is starting preschool on Wednesday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sachem Happenings

 Cherry tree in bloom -
 not sure why this was taken, but I'm saving for posterity sake - our little apartment
 Analise and mommy running in the 1K Fun run - then mommy ran the 10K!
 Sachem visitor - a mama bear and her 3 cubs - 30 feet from the back of our apartment!!!

 my baby cub

and one more - snuggling with daddy after waking up from a nap

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuck Class Photo

 Daniel's class photo - hard to see, but he's in the upper left, just below the second to left post
 So surreal that we're reaching the end of our time here.
 The kids enjoyed watching the "show" the first year students did for the graduationg class - lots of singing and dancing and loud music ...
 Eli's pose with friend Cairan . . .
 Friend Zach and Aidan . . .
eating cake on the floor with Zachy and Van in Stell Hall after a champagne toast to the graduates.

Monday, May 14, 2012

April evening

 Getting ready for a BBQ . . . The day started out sunny but was turning chilly - hence the blanket.  Not sure what the laughter was about

 pushing Eli in the doll stroller - watch out!
 The new "Tiny Tuckies" born within a month of each other!!  Isaac, Rye 2 weeks later, and Caroline a week after that!
 easting ice cream cones with Zachy on the front of Kevin's jeep.

Doing a little "al fresco" painting with my little artist.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lake Winnipesaukee

Monday was 90 degrees!! In New Hampshire!! In April!! CRAZY! We drove with friends to Lake Winnipesaukee and although it's 1.5 hours away - it was really worth the drive.
The kids stayed busy truly the whole time - in and out of the water.

A sand bar that stretched way out into the water meant they could walk and play a ways out! We were surprised how they dove right in - a little melted snow never felt so good.

Eli played trucks - lining them all up and then arranging them in a circle around a bucket and having a "conversation" about what they were all eating. It's fun to see him taking more steps toward imaginative play.
Even the little guy enjoyed the day taking naps or being held as mommy waded out in the water. And Daniel took a little moment to sit after digging a canal for the kids and then pouring 20 plus bucketfuls of water in to make it a "river."